Monday, August 22, 2016

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Last week, I covered my thoughts on LA Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer & Pro HD BB Cream on my previous post (click here). Today, I am going to finish the series of LA Girl Pro Collection review by covering the Pro HD Concealer & Pro HD Setting Powder.

Top: LA Girl Pro Setting Powder - Bottom: LA Girl Pro HD Concealer in Fawn (Up) & Creamy Beige (Down)

LA Girl Pro HD Concealer

This one is also raved by many beauty bloggers & vloggers. Some would even compare this with other high-end brands. I guess this review would add to the list of the positive reviews of LA Girl Pro HD Concealer.

          The concealer comes in a small plastic tube with a brush on applicator. It contains 8gr of product and it costs for IDR 62.000. I chose the shade Creamy Beige, which suits my skintone, and Fawn, either for bronzer or contouring. I have finished one tube and it lasted for months since a little goes a very long way. 

          Honestly, It took me quite a long time to find words to describe this product because I can only say: this is an amazing concealer, and if you haven't tried it, you should. Especially, if you look for a full coverage concealer, it will serve you well. I just use the tiniest amount of product for the entire imperfections that I need to cover, usually for dark circles under my eyes and blemish spots on my cheeks. It covers each flaws on my face effortlessly, even the most stubborn one. Once I set it with powder, I have never seen it budge. Even though, I detect very minimal creasing on the smile line area. But, so far, this is the most effective concealer I have ever encountered in the drugstore range. I would definitely recommend this concealer either for regular concealing purpose, or if you have any problematic area that you wish to cover. 

LA Girl Pro HD Setting Powder

I am always in the quest of improving the "undetectable foundation", so people would not think, "Oh, what foundation does he use?". Often time, I am always happy with the coverage of foundation and concealer only. On the other hand, since I have an oily skin type in certain area, the use of powder is inevitable. My biggest mistake was choosing powder which contains pigment when I don't need one, since it certainly will ruin the desired coverage that I have achieved. When I discovered LA Girl Pro collection and I found this translucent powder was part of it, I was totally convinced to finally buy the whole range.

          Packed in a standard loose powder packaging, it comes with 5g of product and it costs for IDR 90.000. The powder looks white in the packaging, but completely transparent once you put it on your face. 

          I use the powder for two purposes: to prime and to set.  Now, for priming purpose, I found this life-changing video by Wayne Goss. He says to prime your face with powder prior foundation and I am a convert ever since. I simply dab my pluffy face brush and work the small amount of product on my face. Instantly, skin feels smooth to the touch and I find my foundation clings very well on the skin. It might not as effective as an actual face primer, but it definitely works wonder and it is a good alternative for my Pro Smoothing Face Primer.

          It also does an amazing job in setting makeup. Living in a tropical country and trying to keep the makeup stays in place can be a real job. Moreover, my body produces sweat easily and I often pat my forehead with tissue during the day. Surprisingly, the tissue shows no sign of makeup transfer, I am blown. The job can be definitely done by this powder wondefully.

          In conclusion, I can honestly say these products by LA Girl take my foundation game to the next level. I want to thank LA Girl for doing this amazing collection. Finding and excellent foundation or face makeup in general can be very tricky, especially in an affordable price range. However, this Pro collection says otherwise and definitely worth the hype.



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