Monday, August 15, 2016

Hi, Beauties!

Many people have asked me about how do I manage my skin to look healthy and radiant. Some thought that I naturally blessed with such complexion, and some could detect that there is something on my face. The answer is a little bit of both. I believe that healthy skin is the perfect canvas for any base, and taking good care of one's skin will affect the way makeup modifies one's complexion. With a little help from some products, I like to enhance my feature and to look a bit more polished.

LA Girl Pro Collection

           In order to answer people's questions, I am going to share my in-depth thoughts of LA Girl Pro collection which I use on a daily basis, and I have listed all the products I currently use on my previous post (click here). In Indonesia, LA Girl Cosmetics are available on LA Girl Cosmetics Indonesia, which they claim as the official reseller of the brand. Other option would be online beauty shops which you should be extra careful in choosing one. I would recommend Makeupuccino and TWL Cosmetics, only because I got mine from them. Also, there are many positive reviews on the internet regarding the shops.

         I divide the topic into two parts. And today, I am going to cover LA Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer and LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream.

Left: LA Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer - Right: LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream

LA Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer

I am the type of a person who always needs to wear primer prior foundation, especially on the T-zone where my skin tends to be more oily. In the past, I could definitely notice that my foundation would not sit on the skin properly, kind of floating almost. So, I looked for a silicone-based primer to solve the issue.

          This primer contains 15mL of product in a simple white tube plastic container for IDR 90.000, which sounds like there's not much of it. Often time, when I get anything that carry just a little amount of product, I would assume that I don't need too much of it. Personally, I only use a tiny amount of the primer for my entire face, focusing on the T-zone, and it lasted for around 1,5 months with daily application.

          I love the feeling that this primer gives. It glides on nicely and it leaves my skin velvety  smooth. It gives me a soft matte finish on the skin, which I love because I have a quite dehydrated skin, so I avoid anything that is too matte. Therefore, this primer is not ideal for someone who likes a fully matte finish. Even so, I can definitely see some differences. The primer does actually help foundation to applies smoothly and to stick better on the skin. I haven't experienced "floating foundation" situation anymore since I use it. Also, I find that it affects the way my foundation wears off. It fades nicely and it doesn't leave patchiness.

          Now, I find that the primer doesn't seem to prolong the wear of my foundation. Normally, during the day, my face will start producing shine after around 2-3 hours, and it goes the same with this primer. I actually never consider any slight shine as a serious issue. However, most people would use a primer in order to extend the wear of their foundation. So, if you look for a primer that can keep the foundation intact throughout the day, you might find this one quite disappointing.

          In terms of pores and fine lines filling property, I think this primer does a decent job. Although, it doesn't give me flawless porcelain finish, and some people even find it does nothing on their skin. On the contrary, based on my experience, it does minimize the size of my pores and keeping it realistically smooth, which I'm  happy with since I'm looking for a natural looking skin, and natural skin does have texture, at least in my case. In conclusion, I would personally say that this primer is a moderately good product. Even though, it's not the best primer in the world, for the price that I paid, I can say that it definitely works. So, if you're looking for a nice affordable mild skin enhancer, you might find it worth checking-out.

LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream

This BB cream is the main reason why I bought the entire Pro collection from LA Girl, minus the setting spray. I watched a video from Pixiwoo which basically tells the idea of using products from the same brand to make foundation lasts longer. I was dying to try this product as I am a fan of sheer coverage foundations. Moreover, many beauty bloggers and vloggers are raving about it, and that's why I felt the urge to buy this BB cream, along with the whole collection.

          The BB cream comes with 30mL of product in a squeeze tube container and it costs for IDR 90.000. The product offers the same concept as a lot of other BB creams. It claims to be an "all-in-one skin beautifier" which is able to prime, moisturize, and enhance complexion. It is also paraben and fragrance free. This BB cream contains Titanium Dioxide, which is a sun protection property. However, they don't say any specific amounts of SPF contained in the product.

          I find the concistency of this BB cream just right for me, it's not runny yet it's not thick. Also, the foundation is very easy to blend that it will be part of the skin with no effort. In my opinion, brush is the best tool to apply this BB cream as it is a truly light coverage foundation. With single layer, the foundation leaves my freckles showing through, and it covers my spots ever so slightly. I couldn't really tell if it's gonna be enough to cover redness, as I don't have the issue. This foundation leaves my skin with satin finish, so if you have oily skin you might need to powder to set it. On the other hand, I think people who have dry skin can get away without powder, as it will give you a subtle healthy sheen.

          Now, if you want a foundation that covers your spots and your imperfections from the get go, you will be disappointed with this. Although, you can layer this foundation to a medium coverage, but it may sounds like more work. Personally, I am happy with the coverage as I just need it for evening out my skin tone. Also, this is actually the kind of foundation that I've been looking for, because it has a "not-wearing-anything" finish, which can be quite hard to find in such range of price. I often find that most drugstore, sheer coverage foundations gives me white cast, and it takes away the natural look.

          This BB cream also claims to be able to prime and to moisturize the skin. Honestly, I don't feel the benefit of those factors quite so much. But, it's definitely not drying because it doesn't seem to cling to any dry patches on my face, yet it's not looking cakey during the humid day, with or without primer. Also, it wears off very nicely in the end of the day, which is my favorite thing from any foundations.

I am going to continue the review for the rest of the collection in the next post. So, stay tune!


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