Monday, July 18, 2016

Hi, Beauties!

Many of my friends are not so much into makeup, but most of them are obsessed with lipstick. They prefer it to the other makeup items. Their reasons are the same: it's easy, and it takes only 10 seconds to apply, which are true. However, sometimes, lips and lipstick can be problematic, especially with the matte one, which is currently on trend. It can crack and it can accentuate every single line on your lips. Having said that, you need to prep the lips beforehand, should you want to wear lipstick or you just want to maintain its health.

The Exfoliation

First, you have to exfoliate the dry, dead, chapped lips away. Nope, I'm not going to review any particular lip scrub or lip exfoliator from a specific brand in this post. Although, having one of those products can be very convenient,  you can always find something in your kitchen to get the job done. Honey and sugar, that's it!

Image by Ljupco Smokovski via Everwell

          Since lips don't produce neither natural moisture nor natural oil, honey  can be very beneficial  as a natural humectant, which is  a substance that promotes retention of moisture (Humectant. (n.d.). Retrieved July 16, 2016, from Honey also contains antioxidants which will protect the lips from external damages. After hours of wearing lipstick, especially the matte one, honey will soothe, repair, and revive your lips plumpness.

           Tips for choosing what kind of honey is best for the treatment, choose the raw one. Not only it's better because it's all natural, but also raw honey contains its whole nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and natural moisture. Also, you want to make sure that you are not allergic to honey. But, if you are, you can use coconut oil which is stunning as a substitute.

            As the exfoliating agent, sugar is a convenient choice. It is affordable, chemical-free, and foremost, you can easily find it in your kitchen. You can opt for white or brown granulated sugar. I personally prefer sugar with bigger granule because I feel like it sheds all the chapped lips away instantly. But, if you worry that it might be too harsh or you might have more sensitive lips, finer granulated sugar will work just fine.

               The Steps:

  1. First, mix honey and sugar
  2. Next, rub the mixture gently onto your lips for about a minute, or until you feel the chapped lips shed.  
  3. Finally, rinse with warm water.
Yes, it's that easy. This treatment can be done once in a week, or if you feel the need of extra care for your lips.

Quench the Thirst

When it's the time that you feel your lips need extra attention, give it the lip scrub treatment to remove the crack on your lips and soothe it. Next, seal all those glorious benefits of honey and sugar with lip balm/mask/conditioner. While there are million types of lip moisturizer in the market, I will go classic with these three products from these reputable brands.

  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is my least favorite. Personally, I think this vintage is good in sealing the moisture in the lips, but that's all. However, this product is multi-purpose, effective, and affordable. This is my go-to alternative when I run out of the other products.
  • Nivea Lip Butter is an OK for me. Not only just sealing moisture, this product also contains shea butter, castor oil, and sweet almond oil which are good to repair dry lips. Besides, it has the original version and also the scented version, which can be a good or a bad thing. Just make sure you don't lick your lips constantly because that can make it even drier.
  • Lucas Papaw Ointment is my absolute favorite. No matter how many sources say that it is just basically Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, my experience says otherwise. The biggest difference is the product can heal chapped lips instantly. This is a staple in my kit, and everytime I do makeup on someone, I always apply this on the clients' lips (whether or not they have chapped lips) prior the makeup session. By the time I apply lipstick on their lips, which is always the last step, Lucas Papaw Ointment has successfully treated my clients' lips and lipstick just glides like a dream on top of it.
Use the lip moisturizer prior lipstick application. For optimum result, you can apply and let it absorb overnight. These two simple steps above will save your lipstick routine, and keeping you away from the dry, cracked, chapped lips at any given day.  There your juicy pouts, ready to go againts the world!

Image: Ljupco Smokovski (Jar of honey on isolated white background)
            Everwell (The Claim Honey is More Healthful than Sugar)

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